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Y Axis Linear Rail Kit for Prusa MK3/s

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Upgrade the Y axis on your Prusa MK3/s to Linear Rails!! This kit also includes a Y motor mount end stop, front Y belt tension adjustment and improved belt holder. To finish off the kit is all the hardware for the Nyloc Mod which allows for manual bed leveling and auto-leveling and OctoPrint.

This mod requires modification of the frame of the MK3 so the rail sits flat on the extrusion and the carriage can move freely by filing down the profile where it meets the Y extrusion. A template is provided in the file download. You will also need to drill some holes in the Frog/Y Assembly and templates and printed guides are provided in the download.

Required tools:
- Flat File/Dremel with cutting wheel or other method to modify the frame.
- Drill with 3mm bit suitable for aluminium (Drill Press is preferred).
- metric hex key set.

All the files are free to download and print yourself.

Bill of Materials (non-printed parts)
2 - 330mm MGN12 Rails
2 - MGN12C carraige
1 - MGN12H carraige