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Clip On Face Shield - Free to Download

Clip On Face Shield - Free to Download

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Show your disdain for Covid-19 and any other airborne stuff that can make you sick by wearing this easy to make and very inexpensive face shield that clips on a baseball style cap. The shield part is cut from a 2 liter soda bottle (the one I used was root-beer!). Cut the plastic to 270mm x 150mm and slide in the top of the frame. The part that clips to the hat has some 1mm supports built into the model. After printing I just cleaned them out a bit with a needle file leaving the inner surface of the clip a bit rough so it will grip the brim of the hat better.

This print uses about 20 meters of filament and takes about 4 hours to print. The download includes both a ready to print 3mf file with my slicing profiles and an STL file if you want to slice it yourself.

Recommended print settings:

0.3mm Layer Height
5 layers top and bottom
10 perimeters (basically makes the entire print a perimeter and helps by adding a bit of flex to the material while maintaining strength).

This particular shield was printed with Transparent PETG. What ever filament you use it needs to be somewhat flexible so it can fit caps of different sizes. I did try a flexible TPU filament but it failed as the verticals wriggled too much due to the movement of the Y carriage and it failed.

I designed this shield to be easy to make without any "specialized" parts. That being said I strongly support the face shield design developed by Prusa. They are working with their Ministry of Health and the project is in a constant state of improvement. If you have access to the shield material and elastic I recommend it.

Disclaimer: It sucks to have to add this but I am not a medical professional and use of this shield has never been shown to provide any protection against germs, bacteria, or viruses and is why I have listed this under "fashion accessories". If you choose to wear this outside where you may come into contact with others please follow the guidelines of the WHO and CDC during the Covid-19 crisis.

I am currently making these as fast as I can for my family and neighbors for free and would rather you print this yourself or find a friend with a 3D printer. If you don't have access to a printer we can ship the frames ($10 each) via priority mail in a Medium Flat Rate box and can combine multiple quantities in one box up to 5 pieces. Note that each one takes 4 hours to print so please order only what you NEED. Physical product orders will be limited to 5 per customer and will include only the Frame in whatever color happens to be on the printer when I start the job, you might even get a two-tone frame if a spool runs out mid-print and will be PETG or PLA. You will need to get your own 2 liter pop bottle or another source of a 270mm x 150mm clear, flexible plastic no thicker than 0.5mm.

You may download this for free and share it with everyone. If anyone want's to help support this project there are Pay-It-Forward options to help support this project and enable me to print more of these for free for my local community.

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