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Free Shipping on Orders Over $49
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All About Us

We are a small company in Seattle providing design, tech support and products for 3D printers.

Here is our basic business model.

1. All design files are Free to Download which include instructions, slicing profiles, and assembly guides.

2. All the designs are also open source! Can you think up an improvement to a design, mix it up and share it or send a request.

3. We make money by:
a. Selling hardware kits for our designs.
b. If you don't want to print the parts yourself we will do it for a fee.
b. Selling accessories and supplies from other manufacturers. We are committed to only selling products we use and would recommend to a friend. In addition to the manufacturers information about the product we will also provide a complete review including tips and tricks for successful prints with that product.
c. Gratitude. If you have all the hardware and supplies needed to do your mod project and want to give a bit there is an option to tip either $5 or $10 at download checkout.
e. Advertising. We are not currently using ads to generate income, but if we do we hold the same commitment to only advertise businesses or products we would recommend to a friend.

Currently Under Construction:
- Product Line
- Instruction sets for mod kits
- Product reviews for each item

Coming Soon:
- Curated repository of prints (will need a moderator)
- Forum (will need a moderator)


This site was launched on 03/25/2020 with a single product offering at no charge, and severe lack of content in the middle of a global pandemic. Why? Doesn't sound like a recipe for success!. I designed the face shield to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and wanted to make it available to anyone who wants one as soon as possible. The domain was already secured so I quickly set up this shell of a website.

For the last 12 years we have been making great mod kits for guitar amplifiers and effects at Fromel Electronics. Last year I got my first 3d printer and I'm completely hooked on additive manufacturing. After printing a Star Wars themed Chess Set for my son I quickly started improving the quality of my already excellent Prusa MK3s/MMU2s. So far I have completed my version of the MMU2s and the Y-system (belt tensioner, motor mount, linear rails). Currently on the design flow is a linear rail system for both X and Y and a mount for the E3d Hemera. Both of which are near completion. Up after that will be cable/power management and UI improvements.

Thanks for visiting (and reading this far),

John Fromel