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Welcome to Fromel 3D

My first 3d printer was a Prusa MK3s/MMU2s and it's a great machine. I bought it just a short time ago in 2019 on the Black Friday Sale and have not been disappointed. After reading all the reviews on pretty much every printer under $2000 I decided I wanted a printer that would perform really well straight out of the box and was also hack-able. The MK3s hit the mark, I choose to get the kit so I would have a better understanding of how everything worked. Even during the assembly I was thinking about possible improvements for the machine. 24 hours after my kit arrived I had my first "Benchy"!

Since then I have been hacking and making improvements to my printer, participating in forums and 3d repositories at and I am now officially hooked on 3d printing and this website will be devoted to improving the quality and speed of your prints with useful hacks, Slicing techniques, hardware kits, tools, and supplies. All my designs will be free for anyone to print (if you don't mind having my logo on it). All the STL files are open source as well if you want to remix.

The products available for sale are either designed by me or products I use and recommend.

Please check the site often as there will be a lot of new content as I build up the site.

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