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If you have a 3d printer the world needs your help!

If you live in a big city like me there is a shortage of protective gear to prevent the spread of COVID19, especially for health-care providers.

You can help by printing these face masks designed by Prusa Research . While your printer is warming up head over to Matter-Hackers and register as someone who can help make these much needed supplies. While you are watching your first frame print get on your facebooks, twitters and instagrams and spread the word and hopefully this will go viral (in a good way!). While the print is finishing add a post to and yelp and all the other local social sites.

Why am I promoting this instead of the one I designed? Prusa's is superior in many ways, especially on a global scale. Josef's influence on the entire 3d printing community is incredible, and in a few days he had produced several proto-types and met with the Minister of Health. Now his design is being produced all over the world, has been modified by the design community with over 50 remixes to improve design, printing speed, and quality, and adaptation for stubborn nations that refuse to adopt the metric system.

If my design prevents even one person from getting sick I will consider it a huge success! Because my design only requires a 3d Printer and a 2L pop bottle I think it's a good option for people to make if they do not have access to the shield and strap material for the Prusa (but I think there is a rubberband version).

In Summary: Please join me in printing out much needed protective gear and help stop this pandemic one print at a time.

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